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Options Poptions!


We can work together in person or by phone, one-on-one, and in groups. Easy peasy!



Private Coaching


One-on-one is 100% YOU-specific, and a great way to make uber-personalized quantum leaps into the life you want to be living and the work you want to be doing.



Group Coaching


Participating in a group program brings the benefits of sharing, connection and support in community.  It also leads to inspiration and perception shifts through the opportunity of witnessing how different results and effects come about for each member in the group - while all doing the same technique!  Didn’t know that could happen?  Watch, witness, and be awed and amazed.



I Recommend


Ideally, we get to work together in a mentoring and coaching program that takes you all the way through my 5-step program, whether private or in a group, but if you only want or need some quick, targeted support, then we can customize a program for you.



The Whole Shebang!


If you can have it all, the whole shebang would be my recommendation!  Personal mentoring and group coaching will be a bonanza of transformational fun and deep connecting to what supports and inspires you.



Set It Up


Contact me and let’s set you up with a chunk, a slice, or a boatload of support - and enjoy the adventure together as you discover how you can end suffering, find your gifts, and share them with the world!


Ready to do some serious work to have more fun?

Are you serious about having more fun while doing more good?


Ready to end your suffering, find your gifts, and share them with the world?


Are you ready to drop out of the School of Hard Knocks after transferring from Wasamata U?

The Program


A Mind-Body Mentoring program unlike any other coaching program available!


One-on-one mentoring and coaching from the “Mind-Body Whisperer” Gina Vance!


In our work together you will be guided on a treasure hunting adventure into healing, freedom and joy!


The worst is over, you have survived your life challenges. Now to the business of using the gold of those experiences to fuel your inspired life and your ability to bless others with the richness of your experience - AND the ability to live well BECAUSE of it, rather than in-spite of it!


You are more than meets the eye! You are more than you have been led to believe! You are powerful in ways that are miraculous!


In a step-by-step process, you will be guided into and through utterly transformative processes into change for the better.


Not dissatisfied with the way things are now? Then this program is NOT for you. 


Want to turn yourself over to someone or something that will take away all your troubles and magically turn you into what you wish you were, without experiencing how you yourself are capable of resolving the source of your challenges? Then this program is NOT for you.


Ready to find out how to make changes for the better? 


Ready to explore how you might live the life of your dreams and change this world for the better? 


Ready to get clear on what your dreams are and what you can do to bring them about?


If you are ready to dramatically change your life for the better, flesh out your dreams, begin to live them, and bless this world, then welcome!


We’ll meet in person, by phone or video conference, for about 2 hours each time. In between our sessions, you’ll have email access to me, and you’ll be armed with support tutorials, worksheets, and audio and video guides to make it easy for you to practice the tools to set you free from what binds you and carry you into your dreams.


These tools are the REAL DEAL! 


In my town, I came to be called a “miracle worker” (not always in a positive way from some who saw the results my clients got as too good to be true). 


And it is true that miracles have occurred in the lives of my clients through our work together - and in my own life with the use of these tools.


What I know about these miracles is that they manifested through the innate power, ability and human capacity for change, healing and creativity that is part of being human!


When the good that’s inside us is supported, nourished and energized, things that have been intractable, immovable, and unhealable, are suddenly, easily, safely transformed!


Many have been those walking through my door who were told “There’s nothing more that can be done for you.”!


Some were “fired” by their therapists, some told the only thing left to try was shock treatment (ECT), others, that they just had to accept a life of pain, anxiety and disability and learn to live with it!


Whatever you want; whatever you want to be free of, and however you want to contribute your unique talents, gifts and abilities to the world, it’s probably doable…


… and these super simple, uncomplicated, un-time-consuming mind-body tools will become part of your mind-body skills repertoire and support system with just a wee bit of practice.


In under 12 minutes a day, you can get great benefit with the use of these power tools


Don’t have 12 minutes? Okay, then how about 3 minutes? Then maybe work up to 3 minutes 4 times a day? Surely you visit the toilet 4 times a day, no? If that’s really all the downtime you’ve got - we can work with that!


Not only will you find that these tools create change for the better for you alone, you’ll find others in your sphere of influence begin to act differently in your presence - in positive ways!


These methods are easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to share.


If you have others in your sphere that look to you for support, you can teach these methods to others as you go! No need to wait until the end of the program. You can begin sharing what you are practicing as soon as you learn it!


Have you tried medicine, meditation, yoga, hypnosis, guided imagery, mindfulness, visualization, affirmations, therapy, drugs, alcohol, exercise, diet change or addiction - to change your state? Good for you! Not worked as well as you would have liked?  You’re in the right place.


Are you in transition between your life as it has been and the new life you want to create? Have you done healing, self-awareness and self-enrichment work, and now want to move into living a new life of joy and adventure in service? Would you like to do all this in a way that hasn’t been done before - in a way that accesses and utilizes your unique makeup, talents, gifts and abilities, in service to your unique mission and purpose? You’re in the right place.


Or maybe you haven’t tried much of anything, with a sense of it not beginning to be enough? You’re in the right place.


At the end of our time together, you will have transformed yourself, your life, your relationship with your exquisite self, and be able to pay it forward!


You will be qualified to share these tools with others, and guide them in their use. You’ll have guidelines and outlines to facilitate yourself and others with.


You’ll put your own signature on the art you’ll create with the use of these tools and methods.


Did I make these tools up? No. Well, some came into being in moments of creative union with struggling clients. And all of them have my unique spin. 


This program is presented to you in my proprietary blend of time and consult-room tested recipes that are wholesome, healing and simply divine. Evidently that of which miracles are made!


These are research and evidence-based methods and techniques that have been around for thousands of years, but generally only known by seekers initiated into “secret” knowledge, willing to spend long hours devoted to their practice.


I had specialized training over many years from experts in mind-body medicine, including the medical doctors that head up the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and the Academy For Guided Imagery, who point to reams of research citations to prove the effectiveness of these methods.


Together with over a decades’ worth of clients, I’ve simplified the complicated to make these methods more usable for more people.


I believe it’s time to take it to the streets! Power to the people! These belong to all, for the benefit of all. Let’s do this!


Are you highly educated and academically trained? Welcome! Did trauma, life circumstances, poverty or bad luck limit your academic education? Welcome! Are you in a category all your own, yet intrigued by what you’ve read here? Welcome!


To qualify for this program you must: 1) be human, 2) have a desire for change for the better, and 3) be willing to follow your heart’s nudging to come along on this journey of discovery, exploration, and healing.


Are you in?



Contact me
to learn about what’s possible; get clarity on how to bring it about; and inspiration that fuels your forward movement!




Happy Campers


I would have been in such a different place now if not for having found you. What helped me when I was so sick… your presence... your ability to simplify concepts… the way you shared stories… teaching from a place that felt you were right beside me… not above or beyond… You embody what it is you are teaching… a contrast to many teachers I have worked with.  And of course there is a lightness you have. I learned healing can feel good… I learned to see the beauty in all parts of healing. But also honoring. The eating disorder voice is completely transformed…”  Gratitude and Love, Laurie Whitesel, Inspirational Author & Artist 



“You are really good at being in tune with others and their needs.  You also adapt well to changing moods, situations and are good at grounding and redirecting. You are open and make others feel at ease, being down to earth and well, real.  I have always felt comfortable in your office (new and old) and usually in new places I feel uneasy. You are an honored and enthusiastic guide in healing. You are wise and lead but not from that far ahead that you are looking down on people. I really like that you consider your clients friends in a way.”
AmyAnna, Healer


“My life had become very unbalanced and I had lost complete connection with my body and gained a lot of weight. This work enabled me to reconnect with my inner spirit, which in turn allowed me to focus on the needs of my physical body. As a result, when my daily activities don’t turn out like I expect, I no longer panic and now ‘go with the flow of life’. It has been empowering and liberating!”  J. S. Certified Public Accountant



“Our work has helped me get a positive spin on things and a sense of hope that I can overcome the fears I have. I have a new attitude toward conflict and challenges, I am more in tune with my body and now free of chemical dependencies. I feel more confident, have better self control and self-discipline. I feel more assertive. I say what’s on my mind more than usual. I talk more to people, it makes them happy. I now find that accepting some level of disharmony, brings me more harmony. I’m more confident, have better perspective, am more introspective and feel different (better) about myself.”  Professional Man


“Passion!  You are passionate about your work and it shows.  It lends confidence to the participants.  


Faith!  You have faith in process work and in your clients.  You believe in Truth with a capital T and Process with a capital P and you have Faith that clients can and will access truth for themselves through process work.

Experience/Wisdom!  You are an experienced and wise facilitator.  You guide people with a vast array of tools and know how to help them "put the brakes" on or make it safe for themselves at the same time.

Results!  Working with you gives results.  You are direct and get to the point and help people experience transformations.” 
Jennifer Kara, Doula



Are you in?



Click here to end your suffering, find your gifts, and share them with the world in the most delightful ways, 



What's included?


Module One: What you want and how to get it

  • Getting clear on what you want.
  • Getting support for what you want.
  • How to change your state of experience.


Module Two: Support for your mission

  • Connecting with an entire team of support.
  • Collaborating with your support team.
  • Adventuring forth fully supported.


Module Three: Living your purpose

  • Making the journey to set yourself free from what binds you.
  • Clearing away obstacles between you and what you want.
  • Finding the buried treasure!


Module Four: Sharing your gifts

  • Bringing it all home! Embodying a presence of mind that stabilizes, delights and excites!
  • Noticing how everything is different than it was! How others now treat you; the new pleasures of your existence!
  • Paying it forward. Sharing the treasure inside you; the treasure you are - through your unique talents, gifts and abilities; and have them received with gratitude and pleasure.!



How does it work?


First thing you do is contact me, and I will get back to you within 5 days to arrange a time to chat on the phone to make sure this program is a good fit for you. No payment or commitment required.


Two: Next, we’ll schedule a time to answer all your questions and determine if this program is right for you, and if I’m the best Mentor-Guide for you right now.


Three: When you are excited about engaging in this life-changing work with the help and support of a guiding mentor, then we’ll secure your spot with a deposit and set about scheduling our weekly meetings! And I’ll encourage you to congratulate yourself for buying your ticket to a life-changing adventure with a “Sherpa” who will guide you to untrampled places of exhilarating beauty, WAY off the beaten path!





Congratulations on taking steps to live your mission, on purpose,
while fulfilling your dreams!




What do you get?


We’ll meet by phone, Skype or other video conferencing method, for about two hours each time. Between our meetings you will have time to process the changes you are making, practice using the tools I introduce you to, and enjoy the support materials that come with the program, as well as some other really cool, really helpful resources I will direct you to. And if you want to connect in between sessions, I’ll be just an email away!



What do you need?


Phone and email are required to participate in this program. Don’t have? Let’s talk. Where there’s a will there’s a way… If you have a video camera with your computer, even better! We can set up face-to-face meetings with Skype or other web conferencing platform.


Internet connection


External headset with microphone


Ability to download pdfs and mp3s to your computer.


Materials for taking notes.


Two uninterrupted hours for each one-on-one meeting.


Three to Twelve minutes a day to practice.


Free time to explore support materials.

Willingness to feel, heal and change your life for the better!



How much is it worth?


The Stuff:

One-on-one time with Gina

Email access to Gina

Audio downloads



Course materials in pdf

And more!


The Results:







On Purpose

Life is Better

Living Your Dreams

Experience More Ease & Joy in Your Relationships

Change - For The Better, Personally and Globally

Lead Others Well 


Feel Free

Feel Love

Have More Fun

Make a Difference

Leave an Impact







Purposeful Living

Activate the Healing Response

Lessen or Eliminate Symptoms

Self Control

More Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Inspired With Your Mission/Purpose

Blessing This World By Sharing Your Gifts

And More - You Name It!



Your Desire:

How much is what you want worth to you?



You Make The Call:

If you’re ready to accomplish more of what you want to; more easily with less effort, and enjoy life more while impacting others more positively by your presence, it’s doable.


If you want to be more clear on how best to use your time and energy to bring about the results you want, while drawing on your ability to address and resolve conflicts and challenges, it’s doable.




Contact me now to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to: 

  • Get clued in to what you want in life; and how to get it.
  • Enjoy the expanded awareness of who and what you are, why you’re here; and the steps for you to take to bring about the changes you want.
  • Feel connected to inspiration, empowerment, and meaning. 
  • Move forward in a self-directed way; on purpose.