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How did Be The Change U Want 2 See come about?

Doing my own personal healing work and working with “stress, pain management and achievement” clients over the last decade is the short answer. 


I was working as an engineer when excruciating pain put me on a path of research to find out how in the world I could get out of the pain I was feeling tortured by, and keep going.  All the things I was trying either didn’t work at all, or well enough, so I really didn’t see how I could go on with the torture and torment.  After blowing through all the conventional options available - just short of experimental surgery - I spent a few years trying one healing practitioner after another, and taking courses and classes and programs in all kinds of alternative and holistic methods and techniques.  I knew I was onto something when I graduated as a clinical hypnotherapist; then sealed the deal with further training with the medical doctors who founded the Academy for Guided Imagery and the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. I chuckle now, in hindsight, seeing how I started with medical docs, and then returned to them in a kind of full circle - albeit those working in more effective ways for the trouble I was in!


Turns out, my troubles were rooted in post-traumatic stress (PTS), and that no one and nothing, no matter how helpful or well-meaning, was stronger than the mechanisms in me that could only be changed by me.  So I learned how to be the change I wanted to see, inside me, and in the world around me, and have been having a richly satisfying time helping others do the same.



What makes Be The Change U Want 2 See different from other transformation work and coaching?

Be The Change U Want 2 See is my signature 5-step system that incorporates a proprietary blend of the best of what I learned from the brilliant minds I studied with, along with the inspiration and epiphanies had in the course of using these mind-body tools with my clients and myself. 


This program gives you experience with quick and simple methods to experience rapid change for the better in ways that are safe and appropriate for you where you are. It also supplies you with practices you can do on your own, in the middle of life, to continue to get benefit.  Moving through the steps of this program will qualify you to help others as a Mind-Body Mentor.


One of the unique things about this program is how it helps you connect to your own answers and your own abilities to make changes, in an extremely respectful and collaborative way. Though there are clear steps to follow, it’s not prescriptive or dogmatic in its support of you uncovering and connecting to what’s most helpful to you, for your unique life and work.  The 5-steps help you connect to your value and worth and wisdom; along with your abilities to have the experience you want to have; to create the life you want, and live your unique purpose in the most satisfying ways - for you.




You mentioned using your proprietary blend of mind-body tools, can you give us more details?

This system is designed to gently yet powerfully help you to connect to your sources of strength and wisdom in ways that bring comfort, clarity, and a stronger sense of your value and purpose, leading you through joy, into peace, and a sense of what truly is possible.


These mind-body tools are research and evidence-based methods, techniques and exercises that have actually been around for thousands of years, but generally only known of and used by those studying esoteric or “fringe” sciences, who were willing to invest years of practice to achieve some kind of success.  In over a decade of working with clients as well as facilitating myself with these tools, I’ve sought to streamline and simplify some very time-consuming and complicated methods so that they are more usable for more people - in ways that are natural, rewarding, feel good, and are joyous.


Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to share have been the guiding principles in developing this accessible program.  




Who are your best clients?

This program has worked equally well for professionals, trauma survivors, and educators; and with all ages - from in the womb (via their parents) to just short of the grave!  It’s really designed for those who want to make changes for the better, personally; for those they love, and in the world.  It’s for those who want to get clear on what their dreams are and what they can do to bring them about. It’s for those who want to create and experience dramatic change for the better, and positively influence others, while enjoying the heck out of life!


What kinds of results do your clients get?

They get what they ask for!  As odd as that might seem, we actually get out of the habit of asking for what we want - or even being aware of what we really want - as we move through life doing what we can to manage our environments and relationships. When we have the space and the encouragement to get in touch with what we long for or is inspiring and energizing for us, our inner genius and in-genui-ty know how to move us into the direction or our dreams. Here's what some have shared about our work together:



“I went to four sessions with Gina Vance and it changed my life for the better. I’m a therapist and had to deal with unresolved grief from the past. Once I made my resolves, my life changed. My friends tell me I’m more balanced - happier.”  Clinical Social Worker



“I learned to trust myself, listen to my body and truly found my source of inner strength.”  Christina Pennington



“Personal warmth; “fun-factor” (I always have fun with you, you are fun to be around), and your fearlessness. You do not hesitate to think big, really big! This is inspirational to me.”  Elizabeth Ingebretsen, Fine Artist



“I find you to be simply wonderful Gina Vance. You are a person of great depth and character who is intrinsically insightful, naturally compassionate, & confident in a very tranquil and soothing manner.”  Courtney Crooks



“I now feel fluency inside me. I feel myself reacting differently. I like this imagery work, and I now like myself as a person and I have a different approach to life. It’s fabulous!” Homemaker



“Quite pleasantly surprised at the powerful effect of something as seemingly simple as meditation/inner reflection! I know I can always go into my inner world, check in with myself and feel relief.”  Elementary School Teacher



“I have gained a deeper appreciation of who I am and have become more spiritually aware than ever before. I can’t begin to tell you how much the work I have done with Gina means to me.”  Jean Bertrand, Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified


“Gina is wonderful! She is very kind and sensitive to you and your needs. She works on anything you would like her to. I did get the results I wanted. I am able to cope with my fear of hospitals, doctors, and needles. I was able to have a stress-free pregnancy, and had coping skills when I was put into situations that made me feel uncomfortable. Thank you so much Gina!”  27 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher



“Before going to Gina with help for weight loss, I was a skeptic. After my experience with Gina, I have changed from being skeptical to becoming an advocate. Her professionalism, competence, and special sense of humor have been a special life experience and extremely rewarding for me.”   62 Year Old Marriage and Family Therapist



“Gina’s work did wonders to help me through the stresses of divorce.”   T.H.



“Gina’s work has brought new depths to my professional and personal life. Through this work I have been able to connect with an inner awareness and spirituality that previously was inaccessible. Insight and direction in all aspects of my life continue long after the classes.”  Juanita Vierra, R.N.



Our work has helped me get a positive spin on things and a sense of hope that I can overcome the fears I have. I have a new attitude toward conflict and challenges, I am more in tune with my body and now free of chemical dependencies.  I feel more confident, have better self control and self-discipline. I feel more assertive. I say what’s on my mind more than usual. I talk more to people, it makes them happy.  I now find that accepting some level of disharmony, brings me more harmony.  I’m more confident, have better perspective, am more introspective and feel different (better) about myself.”  Professional Man



“The process helped ease my pain and eventually it was completely gone. Gina was caring, professional, empathetic, a great listener, compassionate and included me throughout the process. She gave much of herself throughout the process, and introduced me to a new way of helping myself.”  Joann Blaska, M.S., Retired Program Manager, Stanislaus County Community Services Agency



“Through our sessions I came into a sense of reassurance that there is something within me that I’ve tapped into that can be a positive force - a natural energy that I didn’t know I had.” Attorney


Who is NOT going to benefit by working with you?

Those that are not ready for dramatic change for the better are not a good fit for this program.  If you’re satisfied with the way things are now, then this program is not for you.  


Or, if you want to turn yourself over to someone or something that will take away all your troubles and magically turn you and your life into something better, without experiencing how you yourself are capable of resolving the source of your challenges, then this program is not for you.





I’m on a budget, but would love to work with you.  What are some other ways I can learn from you?

A range of helpful products are in development that can be purchased through the online store at bargain prices!  Sign up for the newsletter to be notified as they become available.  When you add yourself to our mailing list, you’ll receive helpful freebies to support and encourage you as you explore your beauty and value, and some of the ways you can use your power to create what you love.  


Momentary Mentoring is a pint-sized version of the individual or group coaching you get in the Mind-Body Mentoring 5-Step Program that supports you with some tools in a brief, targeted way that helps you manage what’s up for you at the moment.  

You can learn a bunch from my newsletter that includes some great mind-body tips, tools and techniques that you can use immediately. In the newsletter, I'll also keep you up to date on where I'm speaking.  I often offer special event packages to  'work with me'  that are only available to the audience.  Plus, when I get to meet you at a speaking event, I can show you a specific mind-body tool that you can use right away for immediate impact on your life!

Facebook is another way to get helpful and inspiring tips.  You can join me on Facebook right 





Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!  We offer monthly payment plans for our Mind-Body Mentoring Programs.



I love what you're doing, and I want to support your work, how can I help?

I'm so honored by your support!  We have created a scholarship program that is funded by people like you who want to support our movement!  Your support will go directly to pay the tuition, either in full, or in part, depending on the circumstances of those in a position of need who want to change the world for the better.  Just click the “Donate” button below as you are inspired!





Do you accept credit cards?

Yes!  Use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal!




We have more questions before getting started.  Can I call or email you to discuss how your Mind-Body tools may help me?

Yes!  I’d love to hear from you.  Your questions, comments and concerns are sources of inspiration for me! Please contact me by phone, email, or through the contact form on this site, and I will be delighted to help you and answer any questions you have - with a sense of joyous curiosity to see what cool new ideas our interaction might spark!  






Gina Vance
The ChangeMaker's Champion

Gina Vance has been called lots of names, including, Soul Coach, Therapeutic Mentor, Miracle Worker, Mind-Body Mentor, Inner Guidance Life Coach and The Mind-Body Whisperer!  Many of those names were conferred by those that were told that there was nothing more that could be done for them. Some were “fired” by their therapists, some told the only thing left to try was shock treatment (ECT), others, that they just had to accept a life of pain, anxiety and disability and learn to live with it!  




Together with what Gina refers to as “heroic souls on healing journeys” (‘clients’), she developed a uniquely transformative blend of mind-body tools to relieve stress and pain; change unwanted habits, and feel peaceful, confident and empowered.  Tools that support those in transition between their life as it has been and the new life they want to create, in ways that access and utilize their own unique makeup; in service to their unique mission and purpose. 




Facilitating holistic recovery for trauma survivors; teaching educators, helping professionals and clinicians to incorporate mind-body skills into their work; and helping corporate professionals and high achievers reach beyond their limits is Gina’s joy and pleasure.